Meet Jackie, Malaika and Darby, three of our 2016 PBM leaders...


PBM "Class of 2016"!


More testimonials from our 2016 PBM Graduates...

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"To my fellow graduates: Daraja has done its best, now it is time for us to shine. It is time for us to meet our goals which are within our reach. The world is  out there waiting for us and I know we are all powerful beyond measure."

Alice, Daraja Student, PBM 2016 Facilitator

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"The greatest change I’ve seen in myself since being at Daraja has been valuing my voice in a way I never did before. The girls at Daraja helped me believe that what I had to say was important and that the world was actually better off hearing the words I had to say. I think we’re taught as women that we should constantly be questioning what we say, what we do, how we look. But at Daraja, the girls lived with more confidence than I’d ever seen. Taking that home and channeling that confidence in my everyday life had completely changed the way I act and see myself in the world."

Darby, Yale University Student, PBM Intern 2016

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"I never felt beautiful unless I had makeup on. At Daraja, my sisters told me how beautiful I was everyday—even though I wasn’t wearing any makeup! It made me feel happy about myself and more confident about who I am—who I REALLY am. Now I understand what beauty means. Learning about and valuing me was a powerful lesson I learned with PBM. When I returned home, I started a club at my school called Beauty—Inside and Out! so that others can learn about themselves, too."

Jackie, Tamalpais High School Sophomore, PBM Alumna 2016


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