We need your help to support this life-changing work

The Powerful Beyond Measure program is more than just a trip to Africa and it begins with a curriculum taught over 5 months. 

Because we believe important learning also happens outside the classroom, the PBM program includes off-campus educational cultural activities in and around Nanyuki. 

Each of the girls is required to participate in pre-trip fundraisers, as we believe the girls should invest in their own experience. But this program simply could not exist without the help of generous supporters like you. 

Program costs include: 

  • Pre- and post-trip curriculum expenses
  • Round trip airfare to Kenya
  • In-country travel expenses
  • International medical insurance
  • Room and board for all program participants

Many companies match charitable gifts made by their employees. Contact your HR department to find out if your company matches, and your gift could be doubled or tripled. 

All donations are tax-deductible. 

To make a donation by check, please make the check payable to
Daraja Education Fund/PBM
, and send it to:
     Daraja Education Fund
     P.O. Box 4333
     San Rafael, CA, 94913

To make a donation by credit card, please fill out the form below.



Covers the entire cost of a PBM cohort of 12—-from the beginning of their experience, through their stay at Daraja, and following their return home.


Covers round trip airfare for a PBM cohort of 12.


Funds two weeks of room and board expenses at Daraja for a PBM cohort of 12.


Sponsors one Powerful Beyond Measure girl.


Pays for pre-trip Swahili classes for a PBM cohort of 12.


Covers the cost of passport and vaccination fees for one PBM participant.

Our donors include:


Elizabeth Bamberg
Susan Bertelsen
Elyse Boyar
Denise Brusseau
Diane Cassil
Roxanne Cohn
Carey Condy
Anne Connolly
Mary Crowell
Liz Darby
Lou and DD Ehrhard
Beth Emanuels
Jennifer Fearon
Gaby Federal
REX Foundation

Joe Gibson
Andrew Guthrie
Lisa and Scott Halsted
Dennis Hare
William Hawkey
Darby Henry
Hilary Hood
Elisabeth Jaffe
Jody T. Kennedy
Monib Khademi
Miranda Kolbe
Jacqueline Lakocy
Kimberly Lynch
Jonathan Maslow
Mariah Mastrodimos 

Alison Mauze
Claire McAuliffe
Clare McCamy
Anne McCormack
Elizabeth Miranda
Tammy and Kurt Mobley
Jodi Morris
Margaret O’Donnell
Stephanie Pearson
Laura Perry
Carolyn Pomerantz
Joyce Porter
Pyramid Communications
Stephanie Pugash
Ali Pugash 

Kyle Redford
Diane Rice
Deborah Santana
Elizabeth Schumacher
Nancy Simmons
Michael Solomon
Jackie Spithill
Cynthia A Vander Spuy
Tom Steyer
Charlie Stone
Virginia Thomson
Julie Urban
Marie Van Elder
Laleh Zelinsky 

and more...join us!