Why Africa?


Often in the U.S., notions of identity, value and self-worth are closely linked with race. Many of Powerful Beyond Measure’s participants have never been to a country where they are not the racial minority. As soon as our girls step foot on the Daraja campus, they are free to conceptualize an identity which is no longer dictated by the color of their skin. 

Living at Daraja our girls come face to face with their African sisters whose life challenges are unimaginable to our PBM girls. Over the course of their stay, as bonds deepen, our girls begin to see themselves in these Daraja girls - inspired by their strength, determination and belief that acting small doesn’t help the world. 

Returning home with a new perspective and increased confidence in what they can accomplish in their own lives, PBM girls become role models as they share the freedom of being their authentic selves with other young people in their communities 


PBM shrinks the globe by bringing local girls to live and learn with their African peers.