Women of Integrity Strength and Hope


Powerful Beyond Measure’s pre-trip curriculum includes learning about the life experiences of girls living half a world away, Kenyan history and culture, and enough Swahili to introduce themselves to their Kenyan sisters. 

During their time in Africa, the Powerful Beyond Measure girls live side-by-side with their African peers while visiting Daraja Academy, a full scholarship boarding school educating girls of material poverty. The girls share classes, meals, sports, and spiritual time together. Our girls are immersed in a “culture of encounter”, exploring issues including identity, self-esteem, and leadership through a two-week workshop based on Daraja Academy’s unique WISH™ curriculum—Women of Integrity, Strength, and Hope. During the WISH™ workshop, which is facilitated by Daraja student leaders, our girls share their personal stories, reflect on new personal narratives, and gain practical skills that will enable them to become leaders in their communities when they return home. 


Helping young women see the world and their role in it